meet a misfit: andres marquez

meet a misfit: andres marquez

who are you?

My name is Andres Marquez, I'm a former chef. Current restauranteur working in the emergence of technology and food.

what’s your story?

I found myself being transplanted at an early age from Mexico, My mother and brother moved to Canada after a messy divorce. We arrived into Canada to create new opportunities and challenges, and we sure did face some! I’ve spent a lifetime in the restaurant and hospitality business with brief intermissions in tech. All the wine exploring the cruel and joyous world of love and romance.

how does misfit play a part in your life?

Misfit came to my life at the perfect moment. I started practicing yoga years before misfit came into my life, but i had not had the opportunity to flourish and embrace movement until i started taking Amber classes. Misfits became an integral part of my life, my energy and well being. I was constantly inspired and pushed to absorb the classes. The vibe for me was inviting, yet challenging.

why were you drawn to misfit?

I resonated with the misfit community because of its literal usage. I myself was a misfit. Not fully a queen west hipster but also not a king west douche. Nor did i feel like i fit into conventional personalities or groups. As a restaurant owner, at the time with three properties to look after i was struggling internally to find something to inspire me. I was drawn into the community with my first class, the inspiration of movement that Amber translated was unique, free and wholesome. The openness to accept the bodies limitation and to let the music and feelings guide the routine. I was transported into a plain of existence where it was no longer about getting into a pose, but morphing my body with the flow of energy, letting instinct kick in and place me where i needed to go.

what called you in?

The off the beaten path aspect of it was a huge draw, i was tired of traditional, regiment and pompous yoga establishments. I was inspired by the simplicity and charm of the original studio off queen street. I was drawn to the logo because it had a heart, pardon the pun. But it felt unique and wholesome.

how did misfit affect you physically? emotionally? Spiritually?

Physically i was challenged, i was forced to embrace movement with a purpose other than for muscle gain or stretching. I wanted to push myself because i was inspired to get to another level of physical connection. Emotionally i was able to connect with a community that i felt understood my journey and didn't judge my past. I was overwhelmed by the comfort and passion i experienced. Spiritually i felt connected to the body and movement connection that Amber inspired all to connect with, It felt greater than just a class. It was art meeting movement. I would often elevated my experience with cannabis so i would reach new levels of relaxation and inspiration.

would you share a standout memory?

Building the benches for the studio is one of them! But every single class i ever took eclipsed the previous one. They just kept getting better and better! Granted there was one particular party at the old studio that was very memorable, unfortunately as i gentleman i don't kiss and tell!

what is your favourite class or misfitmethod move?

I forget what the move is, is when you are in downward dog and you bend your knees towards one side and the other, i find it to be such a refreshing stretch!

what are you up to currently?

I am currently running a busy italian restaurant on king west, but about to embark on a new project with a food/technology company that will aim to make some radical changes into an archaic industry.

how can we keep up to date with your life adventures?

I often share my life on instagram and will be putting up a re branded website very soon.

how can we support you?

Follow my adventures on the ‘gram! And very soon come and experience the convergence of technology and food.