meet a misfit: becky

meet a misfit: becky

who are you?

My name is Becky Sheehey and I currently live in Kawartha Lakes, ON with my husband and little girl, Eadie. I am a Kinesiologist and Pilates teacher and love teaching (and learning) movement!

what’s your story?

My story begins as an angsty teenager with very bad anxiety. I had a difficult childhood and had lots of stuff to work through, but no real education or support around working through it. I found movement in the form of running. I would run every day, seldom missing an opportunity to move my body and grab those endorphins!

After a long bout of competitive running, and countless injuries, I realized I was hooked on the endorphins and the runner's high, but I actually wasn't honouring my body at all and I was running from all that emotional junk without actually dealing with it. This was devastating for me, but I quit running. Luckily the story doesn't end there, because I found yoga and Pilates and Misfit Studio! 

how does misfit play a part in your life?

I try to do the online workouts a couple of times a week, where I can fit it in with my other forms of Pilates training and teaching. I love how Misfit blends emotional untangling with really juicy movements. It is an essential part of my mental health routine.

why were you drawn to misfit?

I heard about misfit from some girls I was taking pilates teacher training with. They were talking about this "really cool place" on Queen St. I was hooked immediately. My poor little lost soul was sooo drawn to the music, the movements, the space. I learned to crave the smell of the wood floors and those stained glass windows. It really did feel like I was going to church. I was always drawn to Amber's classes because she just made the experience so very special.

what called you in?

Honestly, the space was so inviting and magical, I got called back again and again. But Amber's energy called me as well.

how did misfit affect you physically? emotionally? spiritually?

Physically, misfit affected me by making my core and glutes stronger (like way stronger!). Emotionally, I felt cleansed, which is all I ever searched for in a workout. Just a little emotional reset. Spiritually, moving with a group of people, made me feel very complete.

would you share a standout memory?

I can remember going once when I was in my last trimester to a jumpboard class, and Amber gave me the utmost attention and care.

what is your favourite class or misfitmethod move?

I love squish ball abs. That burn whew!

what are you up to currently?

I am teaching Pilates here in CKL, raising my daughter, and learning and growing everyday.

how can we keep up to date with your life adventures?

I am on IG as @sweathappywellness or Youtube as Sweat Happy Pilates (where I put out new videos every week)

how can we support you?

Just keep putting out amazing content and classes. xox