meet a misfit: christina

meet a misfit: christina

who are you?

My name is Christina, born and raised in Toronto, ON. I work full-time in health, run my own business and have a small lovely little boy.

what’s your story?

I’ve traveled often in my life and was once told I have “fire under my feet”. I’m constantly looking to improve myself and for the next opportunity. I know now that this isn’t necessarily always a good thing and sometimes stillness is required. I’m working on cultivating stillness presently in my life. I’m on a continuous journey and try not to look back. I’ve entered a new phase in my life now as a new mother and am still trying to reconcile all the parts of me.

how does misfit play a part in your life?

Misfit (and in particular Amber) came into my life more than 10 years ago now! I took one of her classes at a pilates studio on Queen West in Toronto. I’ve never been very good at staying consistent with a fitness regime, but I was hooked on Amber’s classes. Her classes were always jam packed because others felt the same. I think looking back now her classes were more than just an exercise class-it was almost spiritual and meditative for me. During that period of my life, I was feeling particularly lost and her classes were a welcome reprieve to my running mind. I enrolled in her classes weekly (sometimes multiple times a week), until I moved to Australia.

why were you drawn to misfit?

Amber. When I returned from Australia after a few years, I purposefully searched to find whether Amber was still teaching. Having taken many yoga, pilates and fitness classes I still had not found a similar experience to the one I had enjoyed in Amber’s classes! I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she has opened up a lovely studio of her own and I immediately signed up.

what called you in?

I was searching for calmness, quiet but also fire for my body to exert the stress I felt in the day to day of my life.

how did misfit affect you physically? emotionally? Spiritually?

Similar to the first time I took one of her classes, I found her new studio and company offered an alternative to the mainstream pilates/yoga/reformer classes out there. There was an element of spirituality, community and feeling welcomed. It was also fun! Some of the classes put me out of my comfort zone (which was great) and other classes felt like coming home. I think the sense of community at Misfit was the most incredible part of it all. There is truly no other class like one at Misfit-I’ve tried them all.

would you share a standout memory?

I don’t know if there is one standout memory, but I distinctly remember Amber’s playlists during her classes. They were always amazing! I was always very excited to go to her classes and hear what songs she had lined up. I wish I had asked her for her playlist! She also seemed like just the kindest person who really cared about her craft and what impact it could have on other people. For some reason, Amber’s classes are the only ones that have remained memorable to me all these years.

what is your favourite class or misfitmethod move?

I think the class I loved was called Yoga Flow. I also loved the reformer classes.

what are you up to currently?

I’m currently settling into what is my new normal in life, trying to not have the urge to jump into the next new thing, and trying to sit, refocus and invest my energy into the things that are presently in front of me. I am focusing on raising my beautiful son, developing my career and taking joy from creating and cultivating my small business.

how can we keep up to date with your life adventures?

Instagram! Follow my small business on Instagram @tinykinfolk

how can we support you?

Be kind to others. Don’t dehumanize others and support your local businesses :)