meet a misfit: emma knight

meet a misfit: emma knight

who are you?

Emma Knight

what’s your story?

I’m still making it up... I have two little girls, I’m a co-founder of a beverage company called Greenhouse, and I love books (reading them, mostly, and occasionally trying to write one).

how does misfit play a part in your life?

It helps me untangle my thoughts and even (on a good day) forget them for a while.

why were you drawn to misfit? what called you in?

I first walked into a misfit class in 2016 with very little idea of what I was getting into. It was such a transformative experience that I blogged about it. We were in the early years of our beverage company, and misfit became an invaluable way to dance out the stress.

how did misfit affect you physically? emotionally? spiritually?

There is nothing like a misfit class for the release of pent-up nonsense. After class I’m always happier and sharper than before. 

what is your favourite class or misfitmethod move? 

My favourite class is fusion, but I love them all. Amber’s sequences put me into a dream-like state.

would you share a standout memory?

Back in the before-days I used to fit in a class at the Ossington studio at midday or in the early evening, which always made my afternoon/evening far more productive (if somewhat sweatier).

what are you up to currently?

I’m mothering and Greenhousing and writing as much as possible.

how can we keep up to date with your life adventures?

On Instagram @emmalknight / @greenhousejuice

how can we support you?

:) Drink the juice, read the books.