meet a misfit: hana james

meet a misfit: hana james

who are you?

Hana McConville (Hana James is how I’m most commonly known ☺)

what’s your story?

Toronto born. Youngest in a family of 3 girls. Father a Tai Chi and Meditation teacher (accountant by training), Mother worked in the health food industry before health foods were cool – grew up eating alternatively (vegetarian, macrobiotic) and meditating….health and wellness were always a big part of my life. Went to McGill for university with plans of going to medical school, but during the process I realized that my real passion lay in healing holistically through food/nourishment vs through medicine. Opened a small snack and juice bar Café Shu (located inside of Totum Life Science) – loved this first venture and was an amazing learning experience. Did this for 3 years and realized I needed to take the next step…when my childhood friends Anthony and Emma approached me to open a cold-pressed juice company….Greenhouse was born.

Director of Community and Co-Founder at Greenhouse…mother to Nolan (for 4 of the best months now!)

how does misfit play a part in your life?

Movement, mindfulness has always been extremely important to me leading a balanced life. Misfit provided a place for me to go to completely lose myself, sweat and let go.

why were you drawn to misfit?

The community

what called you in?

The energy you could feel radiating after every class

how did misfit affect you physically?

Made me feel strong!


Allowed me a place to release the emotions of the day and let go


Gave me the space to connect to myself spiritually

would you share a standout memory?

The misfit pop up class on Geary – it was magical

what is your favourite class or misfitmethod move?

Cheeky – love that butt work!

what are you up to currently?

Currently on mat leave, taking in all the deliciousness of my new son, Nolan. Starting to get back into movement which is now a much slower pace than it was before, but I’m loving it

how can we keep up to date with your life adventures?


how can we support you?

Pop into a Greenhouse and grab The Good or Undercover Greens – two of my favs!