meet a misfit: rob sansone

meet a misfit: rob sansone

who are you?

Rob Sansone – Realtor to the Average person

what’s your story?

I have never been a gym rat nor do I have the discipline to stay fit at home, let’s be real, I wouldn’t know where to start. I have had a severe injury over a decade ago where I damaged the right side of my body, including my back, hip and shoulder. I had re-injured myself about 5 years later to a point where I couldn’t function on a daily basis. At 45, I was robbed of my mobility. My doctors and physio team told me I need to start strengthening my core and stretching. I signed up with Misfits because it was different than other studios. As a male, I felt welcomed and there was no judgement about my limitations and I had an instructor who helped me achieve goals, I never thought I would be able to do. This became my addiction of choice, while at my peak, I was attending 2-3 classes a week – which for a non-athletic individual, was a huge accomplishment. I was stronger, and healthier than I had been in almost 2 decades. It was some where I always felt welcome, and where people cared about my progress and wellbeing.

how does misfit play a part in your life?

I still do many of the movements I learned there and it is still my measurement stick for studios, I made friends in classes and learned a lot about physical and mental that I used to set for myself.

why were you drawn to misfit?

Misfits was welcoming and felt genuine – I am not 20 something female, looking for inner peace…which I am sure it was for many, but it wasn’t for me and that was the draw - it was what you, as a client, needed it to be

what called you in?

mobility issues

how did misfit affect you physically? emotionally? spiritually?

I gained confidence and am less afraid of looking dumb. 

would you share a standout memory?

A stand out memory was coming early and sitting with a few instructors in a circle participating in a session which was impromptu and made me feel like I belonged

what is your favourite class or misfitmethod move?

My privates were always my favourite part. 

what are you up to currently?

I try to maintain a routine but haven’t found a replacement I am comfortable with

how can we keep up to date with your life adventures?

Follow me on social media (comments always help 😊)

how can we support you?

Start teaching again