meet a misfit: zelda

I have always been active. A runner. Moving is what I do. I was always moving as a child A young woman dragging her kids to and from school. And then not so young anymore. But still having to move.

I remember the first time I walked into the Queen street studio. It was instant connection. I knew I had found a very special place. A place that became home. The physical beauty was obvious but even after Queen closed each space both physical and virtual carried the misfit magic.

Get Lengthened transformed me. The music. The movement. Amber’s voice. I took it for granted. It became so much a part of my life. A daily routine. And then unwanted change. Change that made us stop and turn inward. I tried to keep misfit within me through the zoom and video classes. It wasn’t the same. But better than nothing. I would set up in front of my iPad and miss what was but accepted the reality.

Compromise. It became another routine. A glimmer of the misfit magic. And then a stupid accident. Who breaks both wrists? Why? A reminder not to take movement for granted. I am healing. The casts are off. Physio. And movement. I am walking. Even a slow run. Moving again. Not quite ready yet for a class. But soon. Get Lengthened will be my first. It is my favourite. Let it go. Let it go. The past is done. The future waits. Always a misfit.

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