meet a misfit: petrina

meet a misfit: petrina
This one's for the lovers:

I’ll never forget my first intro to misfit - six years ago.

Keep in mind I didn’t attend a class in years, and the insecurities + fears ran hella deep (this is coming from someone who dreams in dance and yearns to live.)

Six years ago I watched this video on the misfit website, describing the method. Since then I’ve quoted it everywhere, on everything, because it’s what kept me anchored:

“Movement is vital. Especially as adults, we forget to move, dance and feel joy.”

*did you also just read that twice?* 

This quote is what brought me to my first misfit class. Little did I know how much impact it would have on my well-being (for life) - - when you spend majority of your mental time in dark places, it’s hard to see the light. Enter Misfit - a life long tool, this luminous light that shined through. And by chasing that sliver of light / transforming the ordinary - the ordinary became sublime / an invitation to render everything I was feeling - safely, freely.

Thank you Amber for creating a space physically // virtually ( ( energetically ) ) - an opportunity for unbridled exploration. Encouragement to seek to go beyond the familiar, shed new light on what we thought we know. 

Through misfit - I was able to find my way back home, while also having the courage to explore, - by showing up to each class, I showed up for myself and made my homebase even stronger, giving me strength to face it all, with grace.

For those who are ready to: move, dance and feel joy

for those who are ready to find their own way home too -

m o v e, it’s medicine,

and let the poetry reveal itself to you.