a note from amber

my greatest hope
is to create an open invitation
for people to connect
in each class
in whatever way works best
day by day
as we are changing beings
in a constant dance of highs and lows
experiencing the cycle of life//death//rebirth
this offering is to help tap into the resilience
inside each of us

the intention in each class
is to get lost in sensation
quiet the mind
and change the energy inside and out
to a higher frequency
which creates a ripple effect
changing our energy to a higher vibration
affecting our relationship to self, others, and community
It is a deep self care that can inspire
showing up stronger in all areas of life
this is the power of movement
it can transform 
however that word lands for you

my learning journey includes being in constant interaction and communication with students who choose to show up for misfitmethod classes
prices have been adjusted to be more accessible and we are in the creative process
designing classes for more demographics including
gentle and strengthening offerings for new parents and bodies that crave tender movement.

I am open to listening to students share how they may not feel safe,
defined by them
so i can integrate this into how classes are being taught and/or guide them to find movement suitable for their needs.

Most importantly
this is a commitment i’ve made to the evolution of misfitmethod. In this time of reflection i have connected deeper to my roots, my origin. movement has helped me tap into my resilience to overcome darkness, challenging life experiences and trauma. Movement has been my strongest communication as it was my first language
and i believe i am a channel, a conduit, here to inspire others to help seek the light.
at age 3 when i began my movement journey, intuitively I understood the magic of dance
by age 12 teaching weekly ballet classes it was clear to me, my vocation was sharing the positive effects movement can have.

Recognizing my privilege in this role has been part of my learning. I am humbled to be in a position to follow my gifts and inspire others to feel the power of movement

I hope to do this by uniting to the intrinsic wisdom, strength and creative force within
sweating and dancing
deepening connection to self, source and intuition
or practising consciousness and awareness
i honour the uniqueness of each of us

in the art of life
gaining perspective and experience
living as a graceful human
i continue checking in

committing to engaging and communicating with students in classes
listening, learning and growing to ensure my intentions are landing with students who choose to show up

I remain open to feedback as i am drawn to continue to evolve, refine the offerings and be actively engaged in dialogue with community that sees value in these classes

it is all an invitation
I’ll be teaching

- amber

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