a movement method inspired by the transformative nature of dance & breath

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Movement inspired by the transformative nature of dance & breath. A unique blend of sequences and shapes that honours creative expression, developing strength and grace through dance, pilates, yoga and breath. Set to intentional music, the intrinsic beat, this is a practice of resilience from the inside out.


a life long practice of meaningful movement

Created in 2010 by Amber Joliat after decades of education, experimentation, exploration and earned wisdom. This method is an invitation to utilize movement as tool to become comfortable in your own skin. A movement offering creativity and expression as techniques designed to cultivate joy, strength and grace. A practice that encourages more poetry, art and inner peace into our lives.

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Misfit has reinvented itself as an online-only offering, featuring dance-infused workouts that combine Pilates, yoga, and traditional exercises like squats and curls.

Love notes

Spirit medicine for the heart. Can’t wait to keep going within with your classes. Thank you for sharing the magic ✨

This is the only workout that I enjoy enough to do at home. These classes are gentle enough on my bones, but still providing me with the sweat and strength I need.

I feel so much gratitude at the end of each class. Thank you endlessly for opening me up, for teaching movement in this unique way. Forever grateful.

Amber's style is entrancing. The music, the flow, the movement and the words culminate into a practice so special. It’s changed my life, this movement is healing.

If I could give more stars I would! Moving my body through a combination of dance, natural movement and yoga makes me feel free & amazing.

Love how nourishing and calming these classes are!

Tremendous love and gratitude to Amber for guiding, gifting and sharing with us. Her beautiful, heart opening, high intensity classes are an incredible addition to our life.