elevate you internal state

once we understand that transformation happens from within, we can truly dive into ourselves and become more conscious, self aware and resilient

movement, meditation, breath, and nourishment are just some of the tools & techniques we play with to upgrade our circuitry
shifting our chemistry
alchemizing the body to create wellbeing and vitality
physically, emotionally, and energetically

the misfitmethod is a lifestyle
created in 2010 by amber joliat after decades of education, experimentation, exploration and wisdom
this method is and offering, tools and techniques designed to cultivate joy and longevity
it is a practice that encourages us to infuse art into our lives

the great REmembering as Amber loves to say
that we ARE art 
as much as we are nature, equal parts light and dark
just like the seasons
in a constant dance of change

the movement is inspired by the transformative nature of dance, pilates and yoga
a unique blend of sequences and shapes
that honours creative expression
and develops strength, grace & resilience from the inside out set to intentional music, the intrinsic beat

join us in the dance

current offerings


~live online weekly classes

~RESIDENCY @ NOVOTEL TORONTO CENTER November 9,10,11 & December 7,8,9

~a library of 300+ recorded movement classes of varying lengths & strengths, from 15 minutes to 1 hour long

~join the newsletter to learn all about the latest offerings, POP-UPS RETREATS, experiences, workshops, tools to elevate your movement practice, self-care rituals, and resources that inspire


with love, amber

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