Is misfitstudio re-opening?

No, the business entity Misfitstudio closed its doors in 2020.

What is Misfitmethod?

Misfitmethod is a unique movement method rooted in Yoga, informed by Pilates, inspired by Dance, created in 2010 by Amber Joliat.

How is Misfitmethod different than Misfitstudio?

Misfitmethod, was previously taught in-person in the physical space, Misfitstudio. The Misfitmethod can be done anytime, anywhere, and lives on beyond the physical space. Classes are offered online through a subscription + livestream service. 

I purchased class credits with Misfitstudio and I think I have some left – what can I do?

Those with remaining credit from Misfitstudio + an accompanying purchase receipt will be granted access to our Misfitvideo subscription for 2 months. Please e-mail your purchase receipt to connect@misfitmethod.co and we can set that up for you.

Who is currently teaching the misfitmethod?

There are currently two teachers who teach the Misfitmethod – Amber and Trilby. It is our goal to have a more diverse teaching community. Updates will be shared on teacher training opportunities when they arise. If you’re interested in teaching the Misfitmethod, you can e-mail connect@misfitmethod.co. 

How can I sign up for a livestream class?

You can view our digital schedule here.  Links to purchase a class are found in the schedule on our website. Once purchased, you will be added to the class list. Fifteen minutes before the class start time you will receive a link to tune in live.  You will also receive a recording of the class, which lives for 24 hours.  

I didn't receive a link to tune into the live class – help!

Be sure to check your spam folder – they often end up there! It's helpful to add our e-mail to your contact list and/or mark as no spam so it doesn't happen again <3

Do you offer a free trial for your Misfitvideo library?

We do! 1 week :)

What is the best tech set up to take these classes?

Class can be streamed on any device with a reliable wifi network – phone, ipad or tablet, laptop, or to your TV using a chromecast or apple TV screen share across your devices. You can play the class playlist via your same streaming device, or If you have access to a second device, you can play it from that or even connect it to a speaker.

Are you going to add more videos to the Misfivideo Library?

Yes! We have added many new offerings and will continue adding new content every month. 

Do you have a physical space?

No – all Misfitmethod classes are shared virtually.

Are you still selling props?

Yes! Props are available for purchase here

Do I need any props to take Misfitmethod classes?

Some classes have optional props like handweights and a squishball, but you’re welcome to take class without them, or use substitutes like soup cans for weights and a yoga block for a ball 

How do I cancel or pause my Misfitvideo subscription?

You can do this under your Misfitvideo Vimeo profile, under your settings. Please note Misfitmethod is not responsible for cancelling your subscription. 

Do you offer refunds on class purchases or subscription fees?

No, there are no refunds on classes purchases or Misfitvideo subscription fees. 

What are you doing to make your classes accessible?

We are offering sliding scale pricing for our digital classes, and have priced our subscription to cost less than .75 cents per day. 

Who is the Misfitmethod intended for?

All are welcome to sign up for a Misfitmethod class. We encourage an exploration of what lights YOU up by exploring the many movement experiences out there. Our purpose is to connect with people who enjoy the method and feel connected to it; perhaps that’s you!  

Are these classes intended for all levels?

Every sequence is an invitation to honour your expression, and classes have the capacity to be challenging. We encourage you to listen to your body and honour your needs as you move through class. If you're curious to learn variations of certain sequences, we'd love to share with you! Send us an e-mail at connect@misfitmethod.co and we can provide some options. 

I have a question that’s not listed here – what can I do?

You can send us an email at connect@misfitmethod.co and we will be in touch <3