misfitmethod corporate packages

Provide your team with tools & techniques to elevate their health with the misfitmethod practice. Tune in to live classes and on-demand videos of varying lengths and strengths. All sessions can be a variety of breathwork, movement or mindful meditations catered to your employees' needs, wants and desires 


  • TIER 1: 1 live 30 minute online class per week with amber
  • TIER 2: 3 live 30 minute online classes per week with amber
  • TIER 3: 5 live 30 minute online classes per week with amber
  • add on: unlimited access to MISFITVIDEO on-demand library of 300+ videos
  • add on: weekly wellness e-mail ft. tools to elevate your life physically, emotionally and energetically
  • TIER 4 ALL IN: 5 live 30 minute weekly classes, plus unlimited access to MISFITVIDEO library and weekly wellness e-mail


Your team will receive a MISFITMETHOD Zoom link to tune in to 1, 3 or 5 classes each week depending on the tier you choose, and we'll land on a class time that fits with your team's schedule. If opting for the add on access to MISFITVIDEO, all employees will be granted unlimited access for the duration of your package commitment (minimum 6 months). For weekly wellness e-mails, we'll require a list of employees' e-mail addresses and will be sending those out weekly to your team members.


  • TIER 1: $1600/mo 
  • TIER 2: $3200/mo
  • TIER 3: $4800/mo
  • add on - weekly wellness e-mail: $400/mo 
  • add on - unlimited access to misfitvideo on-demand: $400/mo
  • TIER 4 ALL IN: $6400/mo

To learn more about our class offerings, view our class descriptions.

Please note that each tier requires a 6 month commitment. 

We look forward to connecting with you!