monthly musings: june

monthly musings: june

As we step into June, I’m inspired by the stunningly warm days we’ve been gifted with, reminding me of the miracle of ‘coming back to life.’ The end of spring is a season of rebirth and renewal, where we reflect on our journeys, embracing endings and new beginnings. This is a time to honor our transformations, both literal and figurative, as we shed old skins and emerge with fresh wings, stronger and wiser.

As we journey through Gemini season, we are invited to explore the archetype that governs the mind, intellect, thoughts, and communication. Gemini, with its dual nature, emphasizes the importance of relationships, stories, and expressions that connect us to the deeper meaning of life. So much of our experience unfolds in the mind, shaped by our perspectives, self-talk, and the narratives we craft.

This season urges us to turn inward, to reflect on the stories/narratives/patterns we hold onto and to release the fear/insecurities/limiting beliefs that have been living in our minds. Let curiosity lead you deep within your inner world, so you can witness the intricacies, the contradictions, the conditioning that got you, through a lense of compassion.

Live classes June:

This month, let’s journey together renewal and rebirth. Join me each Monday @ 9AM EST for a series of classes designed to guide you through this month. On the new moon and full moon, I will be guiding a 45 minute class, including meditation, to help you integrate everything that comes up. 

June 3 - UNTANGLE & RELEASE w/ Amber (30 min)

June 6 - New Moon Flow & Meditation w/ Amber (45 min)

June 10 - EMBRACE COURAGE & GET PHYSICAL w/ Amber (30 min)

June 17 - INNER PEACE FUSION w/ Amber (30 min)

June 20 - Full Moon Flow & Meditation w/ Amber (45 min)

June 24 - REBIRTH & GET SHIFTED w/ Amber (30 min)


Understanding Rebirth and Renewal

Rebirth and renewal are powerful concepts that echo through both nature and our personal growth. In June, these themes resonate deeply as we navigate the astrological influence of Gemini season—a time of communication, intellect, and duality. Gemini invites us to engage with our thoughts, explore our relationships, and express our truths. As we bask in the glow of the summer solstice, we are reminded of the endless cycles of life: death, decay, and rebirth.

As the season of spring comes to an end on the summer solstice (June 20th) we reflect on the completion of hardships and the tremendous growth we've experienced. It’s a time to break free from our cocoons and celebrate our aliveness. Once we find the courage to dive into fear and darkness, we can finally find freedom on the other side. Freedom from shedding distractions, softening into peace, and living in rhythm with the earth and the sun and the stars.

Personal Reflection (June 2 – 8)

Reflection is the cornerstone of renewal. It allows us to recognize patterns, acknowledge past traumas, and identify areas in need of change. June invites us to take a deep dive into our inner worlds, asking ourselves tough questions: What pulls us back into the darkness? What is your tether to the the noise? Where is chaos feeding you? How has it all served you in the past? It’s LIBERATING once you can see it all and be real with yourself.

Curiosity and questioning can surface fear. And I know, I get it; sometimes it’s easier to stay in the dark or stuck in social conditioning or remaining in the old story, old patterns… yet, in full circle, looking inward, into the darkness and facing your fear is the first step to transformation.

"In order to heal, it is essential to gather the strength to think 'negatively' – a willingness to consider what is not working. What in not in balance? What have I ignored? What is my body saying no to? Without these questions, the stress responsible for our lack of balance will remain hidden. Even more fundamentally, not posing those questions is itself a sources of stress.”
– Dr. Gabor Maté

Embracing Courage (June 9 – 15)

Courage is essential for personal transformation. It’s the force that propels us through fear and into the light of freedom. When we face our fears head-on, we liberate ourselves from the old stories and patterns that have held us back. This process is incredibly empowering and can lead to profound changes in our lives.

Build your courage with daily affirmations and positive self-talk. Take small, actionable steps towards overcoming your fears. Remember, even guiding breath can become a transformational experience when approached with intention. Share your journey with others, as stories of courage and transformation inspire and connect us.

Integration and Finding Inner Peace (June 16 – 22)

Integration is about weaving past learnings into present actions. It’s a practice of mindful living that brings us closer to inner peace. Techniques such as yoga, meditation, and breathwork can help in this integration. By spending time in nature and practicing gratitude, we cultivate a sense of calm and harmony within.

Inner peace is the foundation of a renewed life. It allows us to navigate the world with clarity and grace. As we integrate our experiences and learnings, we move closer to a state of balance and wholeness. This inner peace is the ultimate goal of our journey of rebirth and renewal.

Rebirth and New Beginnings (June 23 – 29) 

This movement has healed me over and over and over. I knew it was my source of freedom and aliveness when I was 3 years old, and I have witnessed over the years (decades!!!) that it heals others, over and over and saved my life over and over.

I still get so lost in my old story, I forgot the power of transformative movement; the endless dance of remembering and forgetting. Now, as life is lush once again, flowers and grass and trees swaying in the breeze, I notice how this moment in conditioned society has programmed a reactive, quick response creating frayed nervous system overload. Nature takes its time. Things naturally die, end, decay, and rebirth in slow real time. Perhaps see inspiration in this natural cycle.

Misfitmethod is a movement practice designed to facilitate profound personal transformation. Combining creative movement, intentional breath, mysticism, and music, Misfitmethod creates an embodied experience that helps us tap into our inner artistry. This practice is about alchemizing pain into beauty, rage into life force, lethargy into energy, constriction into freedom, and scarcity into abundance.

Through Misfitmethod, we move through the shadows, tuning into our bodies and letting go of what no longer serves us. It’s a routine for clearing our channels, involving dance cardio, smooth yogic movement, breath, vocal release, and music. This practice creates a container for deep diving and release, fostering a sense of renewal and vitality.