The movement: A Pilates class designed to build strength in the lower body through lots of glute WERK! Think hip rolls, dips, lifts and squats.

Where you’ll feel it most: Inner and outer thighs, hamstring, side glute & under glute

Intensity: This class reeeally works the lower half, and you can make it as intense as you like. Choose modifications to give you a subtle burn, or GO FOR IT for a full on sweat.


The movement: Movement in the name of joy!!!! Jazzercize and grapevines to feed the heart. Cult classic music encourages full body moves, fun sequences to get your heart rate up and sweat ON.

Where you’ll feel it most: Heart and full-body.

Intensity: This is a wild ride, a movement party! For those of you who love to yell and scream and have a good 'ol time – this one is for YOU.


The movement: A combo strength//resistance class using 5-pound dumbbells! With lift and push you’ll sweat and burn..

Where you’ll feel it most: Full-body, focusing on arms, shoulders, glutes, hamstrings all large muscle groups.

Intensity: High. With slow and sometimes fast moves that are always hard.


The movement: An hour to tune in and wind down. We warm things up with a little work, so you’re open for flowing, active stretching and self-massage.

Where you’ll feel it most: Full-body.

Intensity: Relaxing.


The movement: We work the upper and lower body equally, with emphasis on building core strength. A great introduction to the MISFITMETHOD, featuring signature method moves and sequences that will leave you feeling more open, stronger and a little sweaty!

Where you’ll feel it most: Full body.

Intensity: This will sneak up on you, feeling it days later.


The movement: Arm work with weights, shoulder movement and stability, obliques and core.

Where you’ll feel it most: Upper body.

Intensity: Medium… you can modify OR get real sweaty!


The movement: This class brings out ALL the feels, offering an opportunity to SHIFT and sweat out what no longer serves. We begin the first half with intentional intensity – jumping jacks, climbers and fluid, dance-like movement to get the sweat pouring. Then we cool down with some gentle yet strengthening mat work.

Where you’ll feel it most: Heart.

Intensity: You’ll work up a good sweat, lifting your heart rate for the first half of the class with dance-like, playful movement.


The movement: Cardio movement with a MISFIT twist. We make jumping jacks FUN!

Where you’ll feel it most: Full-body.

Intensity: HIGH. This one’s tough, in the best kinda way.



The movement: This class will wake you up and then SHAKE you up to start your day with energy. We begin by setting the core and warming the whole body and then amp up. Think squats, jumping jacks, climbers and fluid, dance-like movement to light you up.

Where you’ll feel it most: Heart.

Intensity: You’ll work up a good sweat.


now more than ever tuning into the physical body by moving, dancing and sweating helps release tension,
and untangle emotional knots
allowing for fluid breath
calm heart
and higher vibration
to begin again
A journey  

Where you’ll feel it most: Full-body.

Intensity: Medium.


The movement: A ride. Mindful connection is necessary as the high pace of this class requires full attention. Yoga, Pilates and dance flow into one long sequence. Sound vibration helps to clear out the burn.

Where you’ll feel it most: Full-body, especially the heart.

Intensity: High.


The movement: This is the way your body wants to move. Combining standing shapes, lateral openings and deep full body stretches. A creative way to open you up, nourish the entire body, breathe slow, move intentionally, release the physical body to connect to the emotional body and learn how to soothe yourself WITH yourself.

Where you’ll feel it most: Full-body.

Intensity: Good for all levels.



The movement: Inspired by the movement of  Ballet, Modern and JAZZ, all rolled up into one fluid MISFIT hour.

Where you’ll feel it most: Lotsa Legs! A strong focus on feet, ankles and calves, with a whole lot of glutes to stabilize. Arms are added to make feel you like a true dancer!

Intensity: A real range. From slow and specific to upbeat cardio dance party.



The movement: The MISFIT take on a barre class. Your body will work with fun flowing dance-like movement interwoven throughout. Think calf-raises, squats, wide plies, and core at the barre!

Where you’ll feel it most: Legs, calves and glutes.


The movement: A small group class for parents and caregivers. We'll use elements of Pilates and the MISFITMETHOD to move you through a class that takes both the post-natal and/or baby holding body into consideration. Babies welcome! Please note we do not have stroller parking. 

Where you’ll feel it most: Full body

Intensity: Take all the breaks you need, change and soothe your baby, or let us hold them while you move!




The movement: A fun, uplifting step class on a Bosu with some strength and stability floor work.

Where you’ll feel it most: Full-body, lots of legs!

Intensity: High intensity, bring a towel!!!!



The movement: An intense cardio experience! We warm-up from the inside out with low impact, high-intensity cardio work using mini trampolines, focusing on stamina, lymphatic drainage, pelvic floor strength and FUNNN. Jump with us for a ride.

Where you’ll feel it most: Full-body.

Intensity: Good for all levels.



The movement: Allll about the glutes with lots of footwork, bridging, and squats.

Where you’ll feel it most: Butt, hamstrings, and quads.

Intensity: Moderate to hard.



The movement: Cardio reformer - jumping!!!

Where you’ll feel it most: Full-body, with particular emphasis on the legs and low abdominals.

Intensity: High energy.



The movement: An hour fuelled by creative and challenging sequences connecting the entire body, with graceful movement focused on building strength and stability.

Where you’ll feel it most: Full-body

Intensity: Moderate to hard.


A special class happening the first Sunday of every month combining 35 minutes of cardio + 35 minutes of strength!

The movement: An exhilarating ride of physical movement, cardiovascular joy and luxurious strength and stretch for the body. Combining ways to move for mind//body//soul expression.

Where you’ll feel it most: Feel alive from waking the cardiovascular system, benefit from toxic release and then shift gears where strengthening and lengthening becomes the highlight of the entire experience.

Intensity: Medium to hard.