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misfitmethod digital movement classes 

how to sign up for a livestream class

1. send an etransfer to with your choice of payment & note the class you're signing up for in the transfer message
2. sign up via the links below and proceed to checkout


classes will be recorded with a 24h recording sent after class.  didn't receive the class link? be sure to check your spam folder!  please note sign up closes for class 1 hour before class starts.


 all live classes are added to the MISFITVIDEO subscription library to enjoy anytime anywhere for $20/month + a free 7 day trial.


april 12-18 schedule

monday | on-demand 45 minute Untangled w/ Amber | access via misfitvideo library 

tuesday | on-demand 23 min Nervous System Wind Down w/ Trilby | access via misfitvideo library 

wednesday | live 45 minute Cheeky w/ Trilby @ 7am PST / 10am EST + 24h recording | sign up closed

thursday | on-demand 60 min Fusion w/ Amber | access via misfitvideo library 

friday | on-demand 60 minute Powerful w/ Trilby | access via misfitvideo library 

saturday | on-demand 30 min Core Connection w/ Trilby | access via misfitvideo library 

sunday | spend time in nature and take a break from screens! stroll, jog, run, hike, breathe in your biome & stretch your eyes

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