Fall Pop-up Classes at The Anndore Hotel

IRL Misfitmethod is back! Join Amber for four popup in-person classes at The Anndore Hotel this fall and explore the magic of sharing energy and playing with the 

signature Misfitmethod classes you know and love.


saturday september 10th 9am EST SHIFTED | sign up here

saturday september 24th 9am EST LENGTHENED | sign up here

saturday october 1st 9am EST PHYSICAL | sign up here

saturday october 15th 9am EST FUSION | sign up here



The movement: This class brings out ALL the feels, offering an opportunity to SHIFT the energy within and sweat out what no longer serves. The first half of class filled with intentional intensity – jumping jacks, climbers and fluid, dance-like movement to get the sweat pouring. Cool and calm with some gentle yet strengthening mat work in the second half.

Where you’ll feel it most: Heart.

Intensity: You’ll work up a heart warming sweat


The movement: Combining standing shapes, lateral openings and deep full body stretches, this class offers a creative way to open you up. Nourish the entire body by breathing slow, moving intentionally and consciously releasing tension that can build within.

Where you’ll feel it most: Full-body as a release.

Intensity: Calming, good for all levels.


The movement: Movement for pleasure and joy!!!! Jazzercise, Dance class and grapevines to feed the heart. Music encourages full body movement, fun sequences to get your heart rate up and sweat ON.

Where you’ll feel it most: Heart and full-body.

Intensity: This is a wild ride, a movement party! For those of you who love to yell and scream and have a good 'ol time – this one is for YOU.


The movement: A Mindful connection is necessary as the high pace of this class requires full attention. Moving and flowing shapes inspired by Yoga, Pilates and dance as this class flows into one long sequence.

Where you’ll feel it most: Full body, especially the heart.

Intensity: High.

Space is limited, bring your own mat! Water, towels and snacks by HOT BLACK COFFEE provided.

Can't wait to connect & move together <3