Fall Pop-up classes at Totum Life Science

Join Amber every second Friday evening at Totum Life Science for candlelit Lengthened, a signature misfitmethod class that combines movement, stretch and intentional music to soothe the nervous system and help restore inner calm. This class is creative way to cultivate a ritual in letting go, physically, emotionally and mentally. No props required, just you and an open mind. 

When: 7pm every second Friday 

Where: Totum Life Science, 101-445 King St West, Toronto

Sign up:

We can't wait to untangle with you


The movement: Combining standing shapes, lateral openings and deep full body stretches, this class offers a creative way to open you up. Nourish the entire body by breathing slow, moving intentionally and consciously releasing tension that can build within.

Where you’ll feel it most: Full-body as a release.

Intensity: Calming, good for all levels.