misfitmethod corporate offerings

Provide your team with tools & techniques to elevate their health with the misfitmethod practice. Access videos of varying lengths that cover wellness, movement, breathwork and meditations focused on three pillars to choose from:

  • develop creativity

  • soothe stress

  • build stamina

how it works

  • Reach out to us at connect@misfitmethod.co with your interest and which pillar you'd be interested in sharing with your team
  • We'll then grant you & your employees access to the content to enjoy anytime, anywhere for a 3 month, 6 month or 12 month period for a set fee depending on duration and number of employees
  • New videos will be added monthly, and an optional single or multi private digital live class can be added to your package if it's of interest for a group activity/experience
We look forward to connecting with you <3