Experience a transformative journey in a 4-day, 50-hour movement training crafted and led by renowned movement expert Amber Joliat, creator of the Misfitmethod and Misfitstudio. This immersive experience goes far beyond teaching techniques.

The program emerges from a passion for the transformative power of movement, drawing from diverse practices and ancient wisdom to facilitate healing and discovery. Dive deep into signature Misfitmethod sequences in a dynamic, hands-on environment. Elevate your teaching skills and class design to ignite an energetic and emotional shift in your students. By nurturing individuality and authenticity, this program empowers each participant to uncover their true selves and share their unique gifts. Through mindful movement, we uplift the entire being, weaving together strength, grace, resilience and profound connection to self.

You will leave this course with physical, tactile, interactive learning tools to seamlessly integrate the Misfitmethod into your unique teaching style. Upon completion, receive Misfitmethod certification, validating your comprehension and devotion to transformative teaching.



The Misftimethod Movement Training is for anyone seeking to deepen their personal movement journey, whether you're an aspiring movement guide or a seasoned instructor. This course has been created to refine and elevate your teaching abilities, and develop a deeper connection to self.

If you're drawn to the art of poetic and mystical language, seeking to design thought-provoking movement experiences, and eager to expand your understanding of movement, this is your opportunity to thrive. Join us and unlock the transformative power of movement in both your practice and teaching.




Allow us to introduce your mentor, guide, and teacher, Amber. With a lifelong passion for movement that began in childhood, intuitive and creative movement has become ingrained in her very being. Over the span of four decades, Amber has collected a wealth of experience in guiding various forms of movement, complemented by extensive training in ballet, jazz, yoga, Pilates and self-realization. Inspired by her eclectic background, Amber synthesized all her learnings and training to birth her own unique language—the Misfitmethod Movement Training. Over the years, she has imparted her wisdom to thousands of movement guides across the world, conducting training sessions multiple times each year from 2013 to 2020

Taking a hiatus from teaching to focus on nurturing and healing, both herself and her newborn, Amber emerges revitalized and ready to share her art, expression, and soul's purpose—the Misfitmethod—with the world. Her return marks an exciting chapter in your journey of movement exploration and self-discovery.

200, 300 & 500 HR Yoga Certification
500 HR Mat & Reformer Pilates Certification
250 HR Laughing Lotus Teacher Mentorship Program
Pilates Process Certification
Functional Anatomy Certification
Intricacies of Anatomy Certification
Shiva Rae Sacred Flow Mentorship Program
Jivamukti Awakening Shakti Course


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When I reserved my spot in the Misfitmethod Movement Training, I had the expectation of expanding my movement repertoire and becoming more comfortable in my own body with alternate forms of movement (especially dance) with the intention of bringing this offering to the studio I’m employed at. I had no idea I was in for an utterly transformative experience. The training truly re-ignited my inner flame that has been burning at a mere flicker for quite some time now. Amber’s ability to connect to every individual in the training sessions is remarkable. It’s as though she’s able to feed each person’s soul with just what they need at this time in their lives through her magical craft. The training is well thought out and gives the student the right amount of time to practice each module. Amber’s passion is infused in her presence, her words and teachings, as well as the beautifully presented materials – the flashcards are a tool that I will have forever and allow me to easily input the Misfitmethod into any movement class I teach. I have the utmost gratitude for Amber and her method.



The Misfitmethod Movement Training was absolutely brilliant. It’s fluidity of shapes combined with fun flowing music that peels off the layers of our conditioning, diving deep into our inner knowing into the rawness of our being. Freely expressing and losing ourselves into the moving and dancing but also toning and strengthening our bodies. The quality of the materials that were provided, the exploration of the movement and poses, the practice teaching, the safe container that was provided throughout this training, it was everything and more you want to experience in a training. Amber you are one of a kind goddess, you created an experience that I will never forget. Thank you!



I cannot recommend this training enough. As someone just starting my journey as a movement guide, I am incredibly grateful to have begun my training with Amber. Her attention to detail in both instruction and feedback, particularly when it comes to alignment and cueing, helped me build a strong foundation for teaching. Her ability to create a safe and supportive space for us all to learn and grow, while simultaneously pushing us (just the right amount) to discover and trust ourselves, created a truly transformative experience. I left this training with confidence in my voice, a new repertoire of movements, better sense of rhythm and beat and how to use music to deepen a movement experience, a refreshed connection with myself and my body, and a vocabulary that brings a mystical element to my teachings. Amber is a living and breathing embodiment of her movement practice. She is like a guiding light to what is possible when we truly allow ourselves to be free in our own bodies. I am eternally grateful for her wisdom, support and love.

$1,899.00 CAD

50 HR • DATES 05/25–26, 06/08–09 • TORONTO Experience a transformative journey in a 4-day, 50-hour movement training crafted and led by renowned movement expert Amber Joliat, cr...




This 50 hour MISFITMETHOD Movement Training

will be held 2 weekends in May 2024

  • May 25 & 26, 9AM - 6PM
  • JUNE 8& 9, 9AM - 6PM


THE NEST, located in downtown Toronto, close to Bloor & Landsdowne.



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