as we navigate new ways of moving together
we've been gathering allllll the feedback + tips on optimizing the online class experience
below are a few things you can do as a student before and during class:
  1. once you've clicked the link to your class (via Zoom), close any other applications that are open on your computer (think Chrome, Spotify, Mail) for a clearer connection
  2.  you may want to opt to take class situated near your internet router if you're finding your connection spotty
  3. for an optimal sound experience, plug your laptop in to external speakers, or just a bluetooth speaker or bluetooth headphones
  4. when we begin class, you can turn off your video, which can help with the streaming quality 
  5. if you live with another human and share wifi, you may want to ask them to refrain from downloading large files or streaming content while you're taking class

other ways to set space & create a dreamy experience for yourself

  • clear a space in your home that feels calm, sacred, and a comfortable temperature
  • put out a mat or towel to soften the floor beneath you
  • connect to a bluetooth speaker, plug-in speaker or headphones if that is accessible to you
  • burn your favourite scent and light a candle
  • put your phone & other devices to do not disturb
  • stay for the entire duration of the class – gift yourself this hour
  • modify as needed and hydrate yourself