Immerse yourself in the creation, theory and practice of the Misfitmethod through an embodied experience. 

When we transform our own energy, everything changes.  

This movement practice offers the opportunity to remember that we are all artists, we’ve been conditioned to believe we are not. Creative expressions is one of the most sacred of transformative healing powers. 

Rhythm, dance and sounding are innate. Movement, expression and dance is as natural as breath 

When we get out of our own way, we are all capable of creating a portal for healing, for connection, for integration 

transmitting  heavy energy into lightness from within

What we repeat, we strengthen

in ALL ways

How we invest our time essentially becomes “the practice.”




This 50 hour MISFITMETHOD Movement Training

will be held 2 weekends in May 2024

  • May 24 & 25, 9AM - 6PM
  • JUNE 8& 9, 9AM - 6PM


THE NEST, located in downtown Toronto, close to Bloor & Landsdowne.



What you will learn


How to show up authentically, as YOU in this teacher/student symbiotic relationship


how it can be infused and incorporated into HOW we live our lives


Inspirational language and cuing choices


The potency of THE PLAYLIST


Demystifying the "core" while creating meaningful movement


Develop a clearer understanding of the physical, emotional and energetic body through intentional movement



For me, this teacher training program went way beyond learning how to structure and teach a Misfit Method class. At its most surface level description, the modules are thoughtfully sequenced, you'll learn about the movements, how they relate to the body and why they are included in the method. You'll also be teaching almost immediately (which is wild in the best way) and gather valuable feedback from the vibrant teaching faculty, but also from other students. The atmosphere that Amber cultivated was always warm, open, light-hearted and super welcoming to moments of curiosity and exploration. The group was also so uplifting and supportive. You'll work hard, but you'll have so much fun doing it. 

Going deeper, the training really puts you face to face with YOURSELF. With the teachers as our guide, we all learned how to dive into ourselves, learning how to face fear with courage and find our own strength (waaaaay more than just physically). As the training progressed, I noticed a shift in the way I held myself in life outside the studio walls. I started to wake up to what was happening in my life, make changes and set boundaries with the new found intuitive knowledge that I was capable of so much more than I had ever thought.

All this came with many emotional HIGHS and LOWS, but I really feel like one of the most valuable take aways of the training for me was learning how to ride the waves.

– Candice


I've dreamed of teaching movement for many years. This course empowered me to confidently and clearly lead a class and that's what I do full time now, which is more than I ever expected at the end of it all. I'm so grateful for this deep dive. This training opened my eyes, heart and mind, challenged me immensely both physically and mentally, and set me off on the path I've always wanted to pursue. Infinite gratitude for this experience! Definitely recommend it whether you're looking to deepen your practice, connect to your self and your soul, or pursue what you love professionally.

– Maria


I thought it was such a fun, engaging, movement-focused first module. I had no idea how much we would actually 'teach' (even just to other trainees) in the first module but WOW. Amber is an incredible teacher. I love that she has a specific point of view on how to create a powerful movement EXPERIENCE and OWNS IT. It made me realize that what is so special about misfit is not an accident (I really used to think misfit just had some sort of magical fairy dust situation going on) - every minute and every word of the experience is so intentional, yet feels so natural. All around amazing.

– Hilary


It was so hard to leave the studio yesterday - after feeling so many new things, dreaming up so many incredible things, and getting to spend time with some of the most beautiful souls I have ever met, each so unique and necessary for the circle to be whole. A truly special experience that encourages growth, draws out strength and allows for sisterhood. When I signed up for teacher training I knew my physical body wanted this, but when I arrived, truly arrived, I knew my soul needed this, so deeply.

To feel more connected, to feel stronger in the presence of others and ourselves, to feel the the willingness of our hearts, the energy of our able bodies and the deep desire to grow and fuel the fire and this is just the beginning, what a trip!

– Lauren


MMTT was the start of a life-changing journey. A journey that is continuing long after the last module and final exam. Walking into the training not knowing what to expect, I moved through the modules with open eyes and an open heart. As training continued, my curiosity and openness flourished, especially being held and surrounded by a sisterhood of mentors and fellow trainees who encouraged each one of us to step wholeheartedly into our vulnerability and strength, our shadows and light. MMTT empowered and inspired me to cultivate a new language, in my voice and body, and articulate in exploratory, fresh ways that will continue to evolve because of what I learned here!

– Dee


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