the misfitmethod allows me to share my love of art, poetry, movement and creative expression with others

an invitation to feel and celebrate individuality. weaving mindfulness, breath and unusual sequences into a beautiful, interesting experience

my hope is to offer a practice that synchronizes us as humans, to feel more connected to ourselves, to others, to mother earth, to remember that we are all exquisite light beings of vibrational energy

the method profoundly shifted my relationship to movement and myself

it completely transformed me. my body – once something I viewed as a vessel to constantly try to change, shape and mold – I now view as a work of art, a tool to express MY art, my language, my soul

every time I untangle, whether it be leading a class or on my own time, I feel a tremendous sense of connection to my deepest self. I am overcome with exceptional kindness for my body. I am present. I am moving from my heart

so – to be able to empower others to share in this transformational experience – it's absolute magic

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