Saturday March 4th | SURRENDER w/ Julie D’Uva at Toronto Society Club House


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Join Julie at 11 AM for an in-person MisfitMethod-inspired class: SURRENDER at Society Club House in Toronto.

Encouraged by Amber to express the great joy of teaching movement, this class led by Julie is inspired by the MisfitMethod and the act of surrendering. Through a difficult year of breast cancer treatment, Julie embraced the energy of ‘surrender’ as liberation, a powerful release. Surrender is the alchemy of courage, strength and vulnerability. It lifts, lightens and flows. It allows you to accept what is. The class combines high vibrational cardio movements to get the blood flowing and challenging Pilates mat work to strengthen the body and help focus the mind. Inhale the power of surrender and exhale sweet release. 

Where you’ll feel it most: Full body

Intensity: Moderate


This class is a passion project that stems from a year of physical limitations while undergoing breast cancer treatment. I went from great strength and bounds of energy to physical set-backs that prevented me from fulfilling my goal of teaching Pilates. The disappointment and discomfort was an emotional roller coaster, but I found my way through by surrendering to what was. Over and over again. With determination and a fire inside, I’ve rebuilt my body and my strength is back on. I’ve never been so excited to lead others in movement, to share the energy and to appreciate what our bodies can do for us. I hope you’ll join me!

$30 // bring your own mat & water 

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