from dark to light | a two week recalibration


eclipses tend to amplify the energies of the moment
it’s a period where bigger events, opportunities, and life changes can and will occur

full moons have a way of illuminating deeper aspects of our lives, shadows, patterns, and what’s hidden or ready to be exposed

as this Full Moon is in Scorpio opposite the Sun in Taurus, some of the biggest archetypical stories we will see unfolding will involve issues having to do with our deepest survival instincts

the shadow archetype of Scorpio has a lot to do with loss, betrayal, and abandonment
the highest expression of Scorpio is about joining forces and creating immense value and wealth out of the union

on the other side of the spectrum of Taurus/Scorpio potentials, there are the possibilities of outstanding everlasting bonds of love, commitments, personal successes, and partnership victories!

look around, the power that we hold is great and even more remarkable when combined

beginning on the may 17th
we dive into two weeks of guided movement
+ recipes, rituals, podcasts, and the study of science & spirituality to find balance between the dark and the light

the practices we'll explore for these two weeks will help us mediate these polarities
centering ourselves
so we can be better equipped to ride the waves
and dance the dance of highs and lows


your two week journey includes:

  • access to a library of 14 pre-recorded classes, curated to build balance in the mind and body, led by amber & trilby
  • access to 1 new meditation per week to integrate daily
  • 5 recipes + shopping list each week that are nourishing, cleansing & supportive of the physical, energetic and emotional body
  • suggested herbs and supplements to help regulate the nervous system and mood
  • resources that support working with our emotions as we navigate change
  • tools that improve sleep & energy quality
  • invitation to a private Instagram group to share your experience and feel supported and connected

the process

upon sign up, you will receive access to a curated library of misfitmethod classes that you can enjoy each day based on the proposed schedule

you'll receive an e-mail on may 17th & 24th providing all of the wellness tools, recipes, resources and meditations

investment: $75 for non-misfitvideo subscribers. already a subscriber? sign up for the 2 week recalibration here

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